FAQ (Out of State Resident)

Q: My driver’s license was recently revoked due to an old DUI, do I still need to go through the Illinois Hearing process?

A: No matter how old the DUI, Illinois requires that an in-person hearing or an out of State packet be completed in order to regain driving privileges.

Q: Do I need to have an attorney to be successful in regaining my driving privileges?

A: You have the right to an attorney but you are not required to be represented by an attorney in the Out of State hearing process. However, it is highly recommended to you have an attorney who concentrates in this complex area of the law and who has a great success rate such as our firm. Our staff will prepare you for success in regaining your driving privileges.

Q: Doesn’t it take years to clear an Illinois Hold?

A: Depending on your driving record and other factors, an Out of State resident can have results within a 2-month period from being retained. Our staff is experienced in assisting you in the completion of the required documentation for an Out of State Petition and/or preparing you for an informal or formal hearing.

Q: Will an evaluator in my current State be aware of the requirements to clear up the problems I have in the State of Illinois?

A: NO! The Secretary of State of Illinois has requirements specific to documents needed to complete a Out of State Packet or needed for a hearing with them. Having incomplete or inaccurate documentation will result in the denial of your request. In this instance, additional time and money are lost. Our staff is well aware of the minimum requirement to be submitted for you to be successful in clearing the Illinois Hold.

Q: If I completed treatment years ago after the Illinois DUI arrest, will I have to do additional treatment before the hearing?

A: Additional treatment is determined by many factors, such as your history since the Illinois DUI arrest. Many times additional treatment can be waived. If the minimum required documentation is incomplete, some additional treatment may be needed to be successful in clearing the Illinois Hold. Our staff will work with the treatment agency for you to be successful in clearing the Illinois Hold with the least amount of intervention.

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