FAQ (Illinois Resident)

Q: How important is hiring an attorney to represent me at a Secretary of State Hearing?

A: If you believe, TIME IS MONEY, hiring the proper attorney is critical in gaining driving relief. Many technical terms are used in these Secretary of State hearings. An experienced attorney in this field can guide you through the process. You will understand the process and you will be prepared. Driving again is attainable.

Q: I have heard that it takes more than one hearing to get driving relief, is that true?

A: NO. Being DENIED driving relief at a first hearing is usually the result of the candidate being unprepared, flawed documentation or being represented by an attorney inexperienced in this field.

Q: Is the role of the Secretary of State Hearing Officers to deny individual’s driving relief for no reasons?

A: No. Secretary of State Hearing Officers have the responsibility of determining whether you have rectified your past issues that had contributed to your past driving history, rendering you a responsible candidate for driving relief.

Q: Will I have the Breath Alcohol Ignition Interlock Device (BAIID) installed in my car if I am granted driving relief?

A: This is determined by your driving record, a qualified attorney can answer this question.

Q: Can an individual get driving relief prior to the projected eligible date?

A: Yes. However, an undue hardship must be proved. A qualified attorney can guide you through your employment issues.

Q: Is employment the only type of driving relief available to a candidate?

A: No. Driving relief can be requested for employment, medical, educational, support/recovery (High Risk Dependent individuals) and/or daycare purposes.

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