About Us

louis-libertThe Law Offices of Louis M. Libert concentrates in Administrative Hearings related to driving privileges and affiliate matters before the Office of the Secretary of State. If your driving privileges have been suspended or revoked you make seek relief as in the form of a restricted driving permit (RDP) or full reinstatement of driving privileges by requesting an Administrative Hearing before the Office of the Secretary of State.

At these Hearings there are many issues that can affect that outcome of your case. Your attorney can guide you through these issues and effectively represent your best interest to help ensure a favorable disposition.

Louis M. Libert graduated from DePaul University with Honors and from Northern Illinois University College of Law in 1982. He was admitted to pratice Law in 1982. Mr. Libert is a member of numerous Bar Associations. As a former Hearing Officer and Prosecutor assigned to the Administrative Hearing Department of the Office of the Secretary of State, Louis Libert has a successful background and vast experience in the proper handling of these Hearings.

As a professional law firm, getting you information when you need it is one of our top priorities. Our qualified staff is committed to providing confidential, individualized and ethical ways to support you through the complicated Hearing process. The firm understands the hardship concerns expressed by you and how important your driving privileges are.

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