Illinois Resident

What You Can Expect From Our Staff

Our client’s have access to a professional and experienced staff comprised in part of former Illinois Secretary of State employees. Our staff’s goal is to guide you through the difficult State of Illinois Administrative Hearing process, with positive results.

Here is our plan: after a thorough examination of your driving record, our staff will design a personal plan for you to gain driving privileges. Our staff will collect all documentation regarding your driving records and any prior evaluations and treatment documents that you have completed. This documentation will be examined for substance and accuracy. Our staff will work with the proper agency to correct any inaccurate information. Any questions you may have during this process will be answered in a courteous and timely manner.

The actual atmosphere of the State of Illinois Administrative Hearing is known to be intimidating and daunting. During the Hearing, a Hearing Officer will preside over the hearing and an attorney representing the interests of the State of Illinois will also be present. Many questions directed to you contain technical terms that you are expected to know. These hearings can last anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour or more. Our staff will completely prepare you for the face to face State of Illinois Administrative Hearing. With our firm, you will never be alone during this process. Our goal is for you to gain driving privileges at your first hearing.

If you have already been denied driving relief at a prior hearing, it is especially important that you have an experienced and dedicated attorney such as Louis M. Libert at your next hearing.

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